Meet the success stories of CES IV!

Nashville, TN – Sept. 8-10, 2016

These are just some of the incredible people who are attending CES IV with you!

The following stories were all voluntarily submitted from people who are in attendance!

We could easily make this document 50 pages long if we included all of the inspirational stories from our community in the past year, but we thought we’d serve you better by making the list shorter in order to include ONLY those stories from the amazing people who will be right here with you at the event!

Seek out these great leaders who have made their stories and their time available to all attendees at CES IV!

Riverton, UT

Carolyn's 2015 story:

  • 15 years ago myself and my 3 young children were in a homeless shelter.
  • After 2 years. I got an apartment and worked full time for the school district.
  • In 2006 I started selling my kids clothes on eBay as they outgrew them.
  • This led me to no longer need government food support, but I was still considered low income and received housing assistance.
  • In 2013 I found an online radio show where I learned about Jim Cockrum's Proven Amazon Course (PAC), saved up money (a LOT of money to me at the time) and bought PAC in February 2013.
  • By May, I was selling on Amazon as much as I was on eBay and my online income doubled.
  • A few months later, I was laid off from my job. I substitute taught to make ends meet.
  • I was determined to make Amazon work and by December, I was off all housing assistance and never needed to substitute again.
  • By March 2014 I had sold on Amazon for 1 year and my income had doubled from the previous year.
  • By August 2014 I was debt free and continue to be!
  • My kids are in their 20's now, and one (who has Asperger's syndrome) helps me with the business.
  • By March 2015 my income doubled again!
  • Now I am 10 months away from putting 20% down on my dream home. has completely changed my life.

Since last year:

  • Dreams really do come true! Since last year at CES3 I was able to save another 20K to put down on my home. (see photo) I completed my purchase on August 9th with a $46K down payment and began moving in on August 11th.
  • I am grateful to have been able to take some time off in June to care for my mother in another state, while continuing to provide income for my family.
  • I grew my business this year by adding wholesale accounts to my Amazon purchases after attending ASD in Las Vegas in February.
  • I'm currently getting ready to brand my own jewelry through Amazon.
  • I've also started writing my first book, though I took Jim Cockrum's advice to put it on hold for the move, and focus on it after I get settled. So grateful I took his wisdom to heart, because it greatly eased my mind.
  • I am so very grateful for all the encouragement and love that has been shown to me through Jim's Team, the My Silent Team Facebook group and all who heard my story at CES3. God has been so incredibly good to me over the past year. Every step I have taken has been prepared for me the next and even the tiny details have been set in place and are amazing blessings to me.

Morrison, TN

Matt & Marie’s 2015 story:

  • Have been in e-commerce full time since 2007.
  • Were $30K in debt from private labeling.
  • Bought the Proven Amazon Course and have been enthusiastically building an Amazon business every day since!
  • Did over $10K the first full month, and in second full month will do another $15K or more.
  • Profit is around 100% .
  • We learn something major to implement every week from being a part of Jim’s community.
  • Thanks to Jim's book, Silent Sales Machine that focuses on automating your machines, have finally shored up our first business.
  • Recently Jim told us, “GET A VA”! The next day we hired our first full time virtual assistant and our second full time VA a few days later. This was the reminder we needed to get these low level tasks out of our lives.
  • We have seven separate income streams in various stages right now. Four of them are direct results from reading and listening to the, Silent Sales Machine book, and absorbing advice from the forums.
  • We plan to be debt free by the end of this year and to focus on automation.
  • We want to THANK each and every person on the Cockrum team and especially Jim for seeking the best and sharing so freely

Since last year:

  • The photo is of us in the Bahamas. It is significant because we have been self-employed for over 10 years (we've been married 10 years as well) and this was our first real vacation ever!
  • It was just last year that we felt like we were no longer 'self-employed' but rather business owners.
  • As business owners, we have a profit account that money drops into for vacations. We're taking one again in May with the kids. Life is in no way measured by vacations but it also isn't about working non-stop for ten years without a break!
  • Thanks again Jim 🙂

Brighton, Illinois

Larry & Sue’s 2015 story:

    • Began selling online back in 2005.
    • Larry had a job but needed additional income.
    • Sue is a homeschooling mom of our five children.
    • First read Silent Sales Machine in 2007 or 2008 and began believing that we could do this full time.
    • Almost lost our business during the economic downturn in 2008, but stuck with it.
    • Began seeing the business as more of a ministry.
    • In 2012 -- began to develop a plan to get Larry home full time. Purchased
    • February of 2013, Larry came home full time and took over the business.
    • Were selling about $2,000 per month at that time, but the business grew quickly.
    • We sold about $80,000 in 2013 and $170,000 in 2014 on Amazon, in addition to our sales on ebay.
    • Shooting for $250,000 this year.
    • Sue has begun an internet marketing business after joining the Offline Biz group.
    • Outsourced our inventory processing and no longer have to touch packing tape!
    • Are working to expand into other areas -- we've each written books to help with marriages and families.

Since last year:

  • 2015 was a good year for us, but very challenging
  • Our Amazon business only grew by about 3% last year, as we were putting much time and energy into automating our processes and expanding our other income streams.
  • It paid off though, as we are growing at a rapid rate this year as a result, at about 70% over last year!
  • Even after 12 years, we continue to learn the skill of selling online.
  • We’ve begun implementing the Proven Performance Inventory strategy and see this as our major approach in the future on the Amazon platform
  • We are up to 8 income streams now. Our newest venture is selling at a local Craft Mall/Flea Market. This is a great outlet for the items we can’t sell on Amazon or ebay.
  • Hiring inventory processing partners has been an amazing blessing to us. They save us 2 or more days per week since we no longer need to process and ship the inventory.
  • Our 21-year old daughter now runs our used book selling division. We don’t see, touch, or know about the books ... until they sell!
  • We also began our offline biz in the last year and gained much knowledge and help from the Offline Biz community!
  • And we have also started on Merch by Amazon and see amazing potential there.
  • Overall, this has been a great year of growth – growth in income, yes, but primarily growth in knowledge and relationships.
  • CES III was an amazing experience for us, and has been extremely instrumental in what we have been able to achieve thus far.
  • We are both moderators on MST now and love the opportunity to be a part of Jim’s team and to help others find success!

Williamsburg, KY

  • Met Jim Cockrum at a Homeschooling convention in approximately 2012
  • Purchased PAC in December 2014, after finding Jim’s card they had held on to since 2012!
  • Joined the coaching program in February of 2015, and began building an Amazon business, working part-time.
  • Attended CES III and met many people who helped inspire new ideas to expand our business.
  • We are looking forward to much growth in the future as we both now are able to begin working full-time!
  • Our desire is to use what we have learned to help others become entrepreneurs as well!

Slidell, LA

  • Invested in the program in Sept/Oct of 2015
  • My hope was to be able to stay home with my wife and soon-to-be born child
  • I focused on RA exclusively, with only my mother-in-law helping to ship.
  • My first Q4 I did almost 50K!
  • I now include wholesale, online arbitrage and retail arbitrage.
  • My Amazon business is the perfect balance to my landscape company.
  • During Q4 plants don't like to grow, but sales on Amazon do!
  • I now have the wonderful privilege of working (for the most part) from home.
  • Investing in the the coaching program is by far the best financial move I ever made! It has given me and my family the freedom we have desired for a long time.

Madison, AL

  • Was inspired by wife’s success on eBay and made the decision to help her.
  • Initial goal was to raise $3,000.00 to visit family in India
  • Our initial investment was the purchase price of the PAC and $50 budget to purchase products. (sourcing at yard sales, craigslist, etc.)
  • In just over two years $50 had grown into $205,000!
  • Our favorite products to sell are clothes and shoes via retail arbitrage and wholesale
  • We are looking at Liquidation Training and Childrens' Book Self Publishing this year.
  • My wife has quit her job to work on the business, and I project in another year or two to quit my job to work full time in our business. as well!

Fullerton, CA

  • After 5 years, a successful business took a turn for the worse, and this is when they “stumbled” into the MST community.
  • Because of the teachings of this community, they now have an Amazon selling business that almost runs itself! (using outsourcing)
  • Total sales were 600k+ within the first year alone!
  • Have developed powerful partnerships and now have a successful
  • Customs/Logistics/Prep & Ship service
  • Now thinking of creating a book based on the “customs/logistics” process
  • These thoughts had not even entered our minds a year ago!
  • I can't thank Jim enough for the impact that he and this group has had on our family’s, friend’s and partner’s lives.

Nashville, TN

  • Right about the time Becky and I got married, we started a wellness clinic and actually began to make money. We were now working for ourselves! It had its ups and downs, but the freedom was intoxicating. I knew one thing. I could never go back to working a regular job.
  • Fast forward a little over a year and things weren't going so well with our business. Some things that were going on in the business were clashing with our values the end result being that Becky and I walked away from the business with no payout and no contingency plan.
  • Virtually all of our income had been coming from the business.
  • We immediately began scrambling to make more money. Days turned to weeks and weeks grew into months. We were quickly burning through our savings and were becoming desperate.
  • During this time our son, Easton, was born. This was the greatest event in mine and Becky's life, but it was also a catalyst for increased fear and stress for me. I now had this beautiful baby boy who was dependent on me for survival.
  • I gave myself a deadline for when I would have to find a "regular" job. The deadline approached, and I still hadn’t found a way to make money. Three months after my son was born I was reenlisted in the traditional workforce.
  • I took a job as a debt collector. Yes, you read that right, a debt collector.
  • I was gone 12-13 hours each workday. I came home exhausted.
  • I only got to see my son for a few minutes on the days I worked. This was heartbreaking for me.
  • In desperation I once again began searching for ways to make money online. One night I stumbled upon a course claiming to teach people how to sell on Amazon.
  • I was so excited that I couldn't sleep. But after researching the course further, I was let down. The course was several thousand dollars and it seemed full of hype. I just couldn't afford to risk wasting more money. I decided to pass on the course.
  • Moving from desperation to elation back to desperation in the span of few hours took its toll on me. In fact it pushed me over the edge. My hope was completely gone. I had given up.
  • Becky however had not given up hope. Intrigued by the prospect of selling on Amazon, she started doing some research and found the Proven Amazon Course
  • It took some convincing, but I agreed to buy the PAC and the rest is history as they say!
  • We dove in head first working as hard as we could in the little amount of spare time we had
  • Becky consumed as much information as she could during Easton's naps and I listened to audio content of PAC materials in the car on the way to work.
  • Having no money to invest so we gathered up almost every book we owned to sell. We made some mistakes, but overall we made some profit!
  • We then started in with retail arbitrage and made some more profit!
  • Our first month (May 2014) we had nearly $1600 in sales. We were hooked!
  • After only 3 months of working as a debt collector, I was able to resign!
  • In two short years, we went from selling a stack of used books to owning a seven figure FBA business.
  • We now have a handful of extremely happy employees (including my mother!) and several business partners and friends with whom we love working.
  • But it gets better. We now have have multiple streams of income and a few other businesses including an Amazon consulting business, all thanks to help from Jim Cockrum and his team.
  • Our FBA business is doing roughly $130,000 per month (as of April 2016) and is still growing.
  • Becky and I no longer work 40+ hours per week like many people do.
  • Actually we rarely if ever work 40 hours per week combined!
  • Our business is growing daily. And as we grow we get to offer the opportunity of freedom to other people which is one of our chief joys!
  • Investing in the PAC was the best financial investment we have ever made.
  • Right now as I’m writing this I’m watching my wife and 2 year old son play outside. And you know what, I’m going to go spend time with my family. I can write more another day. Or not. We are now free!

Birmingham, AL

  • In 2012, after Kendall lost his job (and Linda would follow the next year in the same situation!), we dabbled where a lot of sellers start, Ebay, for extra income.
  • However, we quickly became maxed out at shipping dozens of products per week to our customers and were looking for another way to leverage our time by not having to work 60 hours/week and working when WE we wanted to.
  • Kendall began reading about the success others were having with book sales on Amazon and quickly found ourselves sourcing $200 worth of books that would later net us 3x’s our investment!
  • WE WERE HOOKED (and decided it wasn’t worth looking for another job)!
  • As 4th Quarter quickly approached, we found ourselves tediously typing in bar codes and to see if they sold well on Amazon and wishing there was an easier way.
  • After doing some research we subscribed to a scanning app, we were able to grow our business to over 25K in sales that 2012 Q4.
  • We quadrupled our sales the next year and HAVE DOUBLED OUR SALES EVERY YEAR SINCE!
  • We found out about CES II after it was sold out, BUT we were able to secure tickets by being the last minute ticket Ebay auction winners! (We believe another way God was taking care of us and redirecting us towards financial freedom.)
  • AT CES II, we were able to have lunch with Jim, Barrington and Rabbi Lapin and Barrington's words have rung in our heads every day since: "YOU have a certain creativity and skill set to bring to this business that only YOU can bring - focus on that and thrive!"
  • That conference, along with CES III spurred us on to our ‘natural progression’ from RA to OA to almost exclusively wholesale.
  • Just as we were beginning to really thrive in wholesale, our Amazon account was suspended!
  • We were able to get our account back, but in that time of insecurity and uncertainty, Kendall listened to the Proven Product Partnering course and went straight to work.
  • Kendall was able to help a local auto parts store launch their Amazon account in October. Just 4 months later our family was able to add 3k/month to our budget!
  • One of our 2-3 year goals was to private label, but it happened sooner than we would have expected.
  • In under 6 months the auto parts business has surpassed us in sales and we are discussing multiple private label products for both their company and ours!
  • Wanting to travel to China to tour various factories and begin our private label journey, we had no idea how we would afford the travel expense.
    Guess what!? The total cost of the plane tickets was $1,767.07. When we sat down to invoice the auto parts store for that month, the pay out it was $1767.17!!!
  • God is so good…He even gave us a few pennies extra! He always provides and I am so thankful He provided Jim and so many others to be a part of our journey.
  • Thank you to Jim and his community from the bottom of our hearts for being the inspiration we needed to create our new life in online commerce!

Dayton, OH

  • March 6, 2014 was one of the scariest days of my life...I lost my job! It wasn't fair, it was hurtful, I was angry and most of all I was scared.
  • As I drove home all I could think about was how in the world would I provide for my family (5 kids and a baby due in May).
  • Ironically, that still painful moment was the catalyst I needed to get serious about starting my own business (that I had been half heartedly attempting for years).
  • I didn't know it at the time, but being let go from my job, was my pass to freedom away from the 9-5 prison I had grown to despise!
  • I started my AZ business with $120 ($100 being a gift card from a friend who wanted to help us out).
  • In April I had my first sale.
  • Fast forward six months...I quit looking for a "real job" and I was making enough money to support my family of eight!
  • Within a year I was making more doing this than I had ever made at any job I had ever worked at.
  • It has now been around 2 1/2 years.... God has been very good to us and it has been an amazing ride!
  • My business grew over 200% from 2014 to 2015. As of right now, 2016 is running 109% ahead of where I was at this point last year!
  • I now have 3 people working for me (helpers) and 3 buyers who are out sourcing for me. I now wake up everyday excited to do this job and I don't ever want to go back to a 9-5! I am officially unemployable! Honestly, I still have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure this is real.
  • I want you to know that YOU can do this too! If a guy like me, with 6 kids can start this business and make it work with only $120 and a whole lot of hustle... than I guess just about anyone can do the same thing.


  • I had made several attempts to do my own business over the years, but never really got very far.
  • In late 2014, I found a very expensive class, which will not be named - While looking into this course, because I always do very deep research on anything I am going to purchase, I ran across this guy name Jim Cockrum!
  • I looked into Jim's background and read as much as I could on him and I could not find any negatives to Jim or his Proven Amazon Course.
  • I have loved shopping for bargains all my life, so I thought this would be a perfect fit for me, so I took the plunge and bought the PAC course.
  • It took me about 2 weeks of research and listening to the PAC and as much as I could about Amazon, but then I took action!
  • It was January 14, 2015 that I made my first sale.. a book that I bought at a thrift store for $2.. it sold for $27.95. I was hooked!
  • I started with $400 for inventory purchases, and have focused on thrift stores and clearance sections of retail stores.
  • In one year that $400 grew to $103k!
  • Right now, I am on pace for about $250,000, as a soloprenuer and I am looking to hire at least one person this year and hopefully exceed that goal.
  • The topper of it was that as of Dec 31, 2015, I left my j-o-b that I had held for 21+ years.
  • I have never felt more free and in control of my life.
  • I could never have done this without the PAC, Jim and the amazing MySilentTeam community. I am really looking forward to this year's CES conference!!

Boston, MA

  • Some time last year (April 2015), I read an advertising blog about doing 7 figures in Amazon. I was impressed and followed the link to watch the ASM promotional videos. Everything they said there seemed make sense, but their price (~$5k) was too high.
  • I searched some more and found PAC.
  • April 29 2015: opened my Amazon seller account, started learning from PAC
  • Before the training, we knew nothing about selling things online (we only knew buying things online!)
  • May 7 2015: had first sale, 2 units for the day
  • May 31 2015: $1490.49 sales for the first month
  • October 24 2015: reached $1M sales
  • December 31 2015: did $1,875,460.85 sales for the year 2015
  • So far in the 2016, we are doing $20k per day
  • We are grateful for the help given by the MySilentTeam
  • Although it’s only been one year and we still have so much more to learn, we think we ought to give back to the community by sharing our experience.

Zanesville, OH

From Mike & Britni's 2015 story:

  • We live in Rural SE Ohio with our 2 kiddos, ages 7 and 4.
  • We started selling on Ebay in 2002 with a focus on antiques & collectibles.
  • We started selling on Amazon in 2011 after taking the Proven Amazon Course and investing in the Jim Cockrum coaching.

Since last year:

  • To date, we’ve sold over 100,000 items and nearly $4 million on Amazon.
  • Our sourcing model has been mostly retail & online arbitrage but our wholesale business has grown nicely in the last 12 months.
  • More than half of our 2016 sales have been in clothing, shoes, and toys.
  • We have a team of 5 people that help us with our business in many ways, including prepping and shipping products and doing wholesale product research.
  • In late 2015 we added Merch by Amazon to our business. It isn’t paying the bills yet, but it is a fun break from sourcing products. It has been a nice creative outlet!
  • Our Amazon business has helped us pay off debt, save up a healthy emergency fund, purchase our country home, and take more than a few enjoyable vacations with our family.
  • When we’re not working (if you can call what we do “work”) you can find us enjoying time with our two kiddos, gardening, hiking, cooking delicious foods, sampling delicious drinks, and simply enjoying life. We have built a profitable ecommerce business that not only pays the bills, but affords us a lifestyle that we once thought impossible.

Crescent Springs, KY

  • I was a Special Education teacher by trade. Our first daughter was born in December of 2010. This is when I first got the stay-at-home Dad "bug."
  • I tried everything to get free of a job - affiliate marketing, Google AdWords, network marketing, Fiverr gigs, eBooks, etc. I did not have complete failure but I was not lighting the world on fire either!
  • I had run a successful sports cards and collectibles business on eBay in the mid-2000’s. I had not sold anything on eBay in years but I decided to give it one more shot.
  • On December 26th, 2012 I had my first sale. In January 2013, I made my first $1,000 profit month.
  • On June 18th, 2013, our 2nd daughter was born. Ironically, June was also the first month that I made more in eBay profits than in my paycheck from my JOB.
  • Considering placing our newborn and 2 1/2 year old in daycare, my wife asked me if I could "really do this?" I replied that, "I got this" and essentially retired from teaching at 35.
  • Fast forward to the summer of 2015. My Amazon and eBay businesses were doing great. I was on pace to do $70K in profits in 2015 which was about $18K more than my teaching salary.
  • The downside - I had created a 50+ hour per week job for myself - doing the Dad thing during the day and my business at night.
  • At about this time, I heard about CES3 on Facebook and saw that it was scheduled to be in Louisville which is less than 2 hours from my home. I knew that I had to be there.
  • Upon purchasing the ticket, I received access to the CES1 video library. I was drawn to the Virtual Assistant video. Directly inspired from this video, I hired my first VA about a month before CES3.
  • These 25 hours off of my plate totally changed my business.
  • While in attendance at CES3, I heard multiple times about the idea of being able to remove myself from my business and doing more of what I love to do in my business. These two concepts were a driving force in multiple decisions regarding how I operated in my business.
  • Before leaving CES, I connected with 4 AMAZING entrepreneurs (Tomoko Kotaka, Tom & Melissa Curtis and Melanie James). We formed a Mastermind Group that continues to this day.
  • When I returned from CES, I was shot out of a cannon. My projected $70K profit year ended with having just over $106,000 in profit in my online business. I was a SIX FIGURE INCOME EARNER!
  • Trying to utilize Jim's knowledge, I am proud to say that I earned income from multiple streams of income including eBay sales (4 niche stores), Amazon sales (FBA & MF), Bonanza sales, Fiverr sales, affiliate commissions (generated from my blog / YouTube videos), direct coaching sales (eBay and Amazon students) and mastering cash back / rebate opportunities. I have continued on this path in 2016. As of right now, it is looking like this will be a $150K profit year.
  • I am earning more than I ever thought possible being a one-man operation AND I am having more fun than I ever thought possible.
  • My wife and I are now even in the process of starting a charitable foundation to support causes close to our heart This giving back philosophy was directly tied to the inspiration coming from stage at CES3.
  • There is NO doubt in my mind that my association with the My Silent Team community has totally changed my business, my success and my ability to impact not only my family's lifestyle but helping the lives of others.
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jim Cockrum, the staff at My Silent Team and the community that never stops giving.

Missouri City, TX

Joy’s 2015 Story:

  • I am a mom of 8 and a grandma to 5, almost 6 grandkids. I started this business in August of 2013.
  • I was searching online for the perfect online business and something that would allow me to stay home with my children.
  • My first Q4 sales of 2013 were close to $38,000. I had no idea what the possibilities were and what Q4 even meant.:) For 2014, sales ramped up to close to $77,000.
  • I do retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and private label.
  • I have 2-4 packers and shippers, 3 VA's, a best friend and partner. There is no way I could ever ramp up without their help.

Since last year:

  • My Amazon business just seems to grow by the day!
  • Since last year, I have been able to expand my private label to the UK and have recently run out of stock.
  • I plan to expand to other countries in the following months.
  • I have also added more retail sourcing shoppers which has really helped that part of my business grow.
  • My daughter started her own prep and shipping company, so I now look at that as part or an extension of my own business.
  • I have added wholesale and have been trying to add more wholesale accounts monthly.
  • I was asked to speak for the first time at the MM8 conference in Dallas then on to New Jersey to speak at the ACE Mastermind meetup.
  • I will be traveling to China for a trip to the Canton Fair. There I will meet up w/ 20-25 versed Amazon sellers and will meet w/ someone who may decide to have me run his ecommerce biz.
  • I have signed up for Amazon Merch and will be making a goal to set up Tshirt designs weekly.
  • My goal this year is 1 million in sales, with a 25-30% net profit.
  • I am attending numerous networking events and have been doing several podcasts for groups to share my knowledge.
  • I am happy to be attending CES again and to share my story to help inspire others.


Allison’s 2015 Story:

  • The foundation to my business - extreme couponing, started 30 years ago.
  • Eventually couponing became a way of life and I began to collect more items than I could give away or use myself.
  • Everything changed in March 2014. Due to illness, I was unable to work for three months.
  • I learned how to do Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
  • I sent my first shipment of toiletries in around the middle of April 2014.
  • My first month I made about 300 dollars and got excited.
  • By September 2014 I was making as much selling on FBA as I had been when I was working a 40 hour a week job at the hospital.
  • By the end of 2014 I had accumulated 106k in sales!
  • Jim was adamant that diversifying your business was the right move so I branched out.
  • So far in 2015 I already have 72k in sales and am fully expecting to have 200-250k in sales for the year!
  • I have now been able to employ 2 full time and 4 part time employees.
  • Being your own boss is amazing! i fully intend on being self-employed for the rest of my life.

Since last year:

  • Have had great success this last year.
  • My sales went from 107k to 300k in 2015!
  • I have increased my employee base by 2 folks
  • And I have moved from a 400 sf place to work to a 1750 sf warehouse!

Headland, AL

From Jeremy's 2015 story:

  • Working just 5-10 hours a week selling online, I am duplicating, if not exceeding, my take-home salary from my full-time job!
  • If I (an attention-deficited, hyperactive, never-complete-anything, collegeflunkout) can do it, so can you!

Since last year:

  • Going to CES3 was my very first event that dealt with earning an income online.
  • Since going to CES 3. I've made some significant connections and relationships that have helped me both personally and professionally.
  • In 2015, my net profit exceeded my full time gross income in my regular, salaried job.
  • Because of this blessing, my wife has been able to quit her job and go to volunteer with a local agency about which she is very passionate.
  • I'm working towards having gross sales in excess of $200K for 2016.
  • I am typically a person who thrives "best" in a structured job, but putting Jim's methods to work have allowed me to have the best of both words - the structure of a job, and the financial flexibility to do family travel, ministry work, and to live in a relative financial comfort!

Crossville, TN

Edie & Danny’s 2015 story:

  • I have purchased or read all the courses that are on including the Proven Amazon Course.
  • My husband of 65 was able to retire and because of selling on Amazon we don't have to depend on his Social Security check.
  • Without what I learned from the and the other courses, we would have been in very bad financial shape. Now we are able to save, pay the bills, travel and have a good life!

Since last year:

  • This year we have started selling more shoes, jewelry and clothing.
    In our small area it’s harder to find inventory, but that doesn't stop us! We travel a lot, get a truck load and come home! We also utilize online sourcing and amazon flips
  • We are aged (66 and 62) I think the key for seniors is good health. There are so many people our age that can't do what we do because of health conditions.
  • Another problem for Seniors is that many have limited online experience. We love sharing our knowledge with them!

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