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CES V Sept. 2017 Was A HUGE Success!

Grab full access to professionally captured video of this entire event!

My Hand-picked World-Class Experts,
Numerous Successful Students from our Online Community
and I enjoyed 3 Days of Education and Inspiration
at CES V in Orlando, Florida – September 21-23, 2017!

What Is CES All About?

This conference featured multiple, creative strategies to grow or launch a business with a special emphasis placed on Amazon selling strategies – which is the most popular topic currently in our community.


Featured Topic #1

Use simple video To Build A Massive Audience
For Any Product or Concept
We call it our "Proven Audience Formula"
We are doing this over and over again in multiple niche categories and we shared how it works in Orlando for the first time ever in front of a large audience!

This video took our product from an Amazon sales rank of 50,000
into the top 500 in a few days time!

The recordings cover topics such as

  • Growing your Amazon, eBay or online selling business while automating all aspects, including sourcing profitable products.
  • How to find numerous, highly sought after, under served niche opportunities on Amazon.
  • Numerous profitable product sourcing strategies including how to source products locally, online, at trade shows, direct from manufacturers, and overseas.
  • Launching your own private label products using the simplest possible strategies.
  • Using Email marketing, Social media, video and creative content strategies to grow your business, expand your audience or get more clients.
  • An informative session educating you on how easy it can be to publish your own book.
  • Duplicating Jim's approach to online success by launching multiple income streams.
  • You won't be hearing from the same old experts trying to sell their latest book, instead you'll hear from successful students in our community and learn exactly what it is they're doing to grow a successful business.

Comments From Attendees and Live-Stream Viewers

CES I, II, III, IV, & V all SOLD OUT in less than a day
– months in advance.

We partner with sponsors who offer great products and services for our community.
They are carefully vetted to ensure they are the right fit.
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It's my pleasure to invite you to hang out online with my two closest business partners, our staff and our coaching team. Brett is our all time most successful student in our community, and Nathan has been working with our community for nearly 13 years and is behind over 1,000 coaching success stories. Together the three of us manage a healthy 8 figure online business - and we can't wait for you to connect with our incredible community. Let's inspire each other and grow together from CES V!

– Jim Cockrum

Featured Topic #2

Finding "Golden Gaps"

Our "PPI" strategy (aka has changed the way thousands of Amazon sellers in our community discover and capitalize on opportunities on Amazon. We have discovered a way to find "golden gaps" where the demand is high and competition is non-existent. Our Amazon selling business has exploded into a healthy mid 8-figure business as a result & we've helped many others thrive as well with our approach! We shared all about how it works in extended sessions at CESV Orlando!

30-day sales snapshot

30-day snapshot of the traffic and sales Brett gets from just a few products

Here's what you can expect from CES V

  • We focus on multiple income streams. This isn't just about Amazon (although our Amazon selling content is second to none and will be a topic of special emphasis at this event).
  • This event sells out in a day every year. That should tell you something.
  • We've been churning out success stories since 2002. You'll see what it feels like to be in a room full of long-time, successful, helpful fellow entrepreneurs.
  • This is not a "pitch fest." This is actionable content. There will be no hard sells.
  • Our anonymous post event surveys have consistently shown that 96% or more of those attending say they intend to return.
  • We love bringing you pure content and education taught by real people who DO the businesses and love helping others learn what they know.

Over 18 hours in 29 videos
filled with actionable content and inspiration!

CES V Highlights


Dan Miller, President of 48 Days LLC, specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success. He believes that meaningful work blends our natural skills and abilities, our unique personality traits and our dreams and passions. Dan is active in helping individuals redirect careers, evaluate new income sources, and achieve balanced living. He believes that a clear sense of direction can help us become all that God designed us to be.

Ryan Reger – was part of Jim's Mastermind group and has enjoyed private label success for several years. He has the heart of a teacher and enjoys sharing his simple process for success with others. We are honored to partner with him as our in-house private label expert.

Jenni Hunt and I (Jim) have known each other for over a decade and partnered together on numerous successful projects. She brings her years of online selling experience to the mentor program for others to apply in their business. We are honored to have her on board as one of our private-label experts.

Shawn Hart & Jason Fladlein – Shawn and Jason have an extensive entrepreneurial background that includes roadside sales and Rap music, among other things. One of their current projects is helping clients navigate sourcing from China with hosted sourcing trips. They shared lessons learned from 15+ years and over $100 million worth of products sold that were sourced from China.

Chris Green – was an early adopter of FBA and was one of the first to openly teach about Amazon. Starting as a seller, he later moved into providing scanning and listing services and publishing several best-selling books. He has more recently focused on Amazon's print-on-demand apparel platform called Merch By Amazon. Chris enjoys life in Massachusetts with his beautiful wife and two awesome kids.

Jeff Breloski – Assists clients on all matters related to intellectual property, technology, and business.. Involved at all stages of patent prosecution including pre-filing and post-grant actions. Conducts trademark prosecution. Jeff is an online seller advocate and has successfully defended Amazon sellers on IP issues and against wrongful claims of copyright violation (from competing sellers).

Teresa Rose – is becoming a real influencer in our community. She is a Wholesale Sourcing Expert, coach, and the creator of the Amazon opportunity search strategy that has helped many in our community. She'll be demonstrating how to use a simple Amazon search to uncover countless profitable wholesale niche opportunities in minutes!

Jeff Clark is a little more wore around the edges, but has a pretty dope goatee too! He is the Head Sourcer at The Sourcer's Apprentice, where he encourages fellow sourcers and teaches his sourcing techniques, and one of our great coaches at Jeff started his online selling career in 2006 and has built a one man, six-figure business selling on Amazon, eBay and Craigslist. Over the years he has sold a wide variety of products from a box of empty toilet paper tubes to a video teaching how to tie shoes to heavy construction equipment and even real estate! Jeff is a home-schooling dad of seven and lives in rural northern Indiana.

Barrington McIntosh – One of the few presenters past attendees keep on begging for. His story is compelling, he's built an empire online starting with the course, and he loves to teach about the power of relationships in ecommerce.

Jim Cockrum – I'm your host. I brought my family to this event and we we're all excited to meet everyone. I spoke about building a multiple income stream empire as I've taught many others to do. These were lessons and experiences I've never shared before anywhere else.

Brett Bartlett & his coaching team – As the all time top student, Brett and his team have built an 8-figure online selling business. They inspire you to think big and go from looking for "products" to looking for "keywords" as well as explain their strategies for launching one winning product after another online. They provided in-depth training on the Proven Audience Formula (building an audience on Facebook), Proven Performance Inventory (i.e. the "golden-gap strategy"), Amazon, and email strategies. Jim and Brett truly are on the cutting edge of online business and they proved it at this event!


CES V Orlando – September 2017

CES IV Nashville – 2016

CES III Louisville – 2015

CES I Orlando – 2013

CES II Dallas – 2014CES-ii-group-500w

All Videos From CES I-IV Are Included
With Your Purchase of CES V Videos!

CES IV Highlights

What Attendees Say About Our Conferences

I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome. As I wrote to my friends in Slovenia, I felt very good during the last week.  I traveled for 31 hours. My picture for the future is clearer. I have goals, and I believe I will realize them. This conference gave me more than I expected. Therefore, once again I sincerely thank the whole team and Jim for all the effort and kindness. Next year, I come up with a new story about the successful launch of my online sales. It's a promise!

Many of you were surprised about my trip to the US just for this conference. Now I can tell you that I would travel twice as far because it was worth every penny.

Desire Suvorov‎

Wow what an amazing first CES experience. Jim you truly have a character about yourself that models integrity. Thank you, your family, and all your team for everything you do!

Emily Weatherhold-Mott

What a great conference! CES IV was great, but CES V was even better!! See everyone at CES VI.

Keith Rasmussen

I just wanted to thank everybody who put on this amazing event. CES is like a family reunion to me. A chance to reconnect with the mentors, partners and lifelong friends that I have met at CES's past. Special shout out to Steven Deaton, Barrington McIntosh, Ryan Reger and all my fellow Travel Geeks that turned out.

Keith Crowe

Thanks for all the support and encouragement I received from you all. I made it to Orlando and it was the best decision! I've been truly blessed and refreshed and it's only the first day! Also, what an honor to meet and greet our servant-leader, Jim Cockrum. God bless you all!

Alice Ankamah

My first CES was better than I even expected. It was wonderful to meet so many great people and learn so much valuable information. But especially great to meet leaders and heroes of mine in this business!

Chad Martin

Thanks Jim, Andrea and entire MST staff for top-notch conference, first class all the way! And the knowledge shared? I'll be sorting through my notes and checking out all the resources, links, and tips for several more weeks. Will need replays and slides when available, because writer's cramp hit and I'm sure I missed more than half of all that presentation goodness. First CES and it's thumbs up!

Greg Curtis

I am still in amazement of all the wonderful people I meet this week! It was a true honor talking and sharing ideas with everyone. A huge thank you to Jim and his team for putting this event on! You have created a incredible community where like mind people can prosper from the synergy of working together. I pray that God would bless each person in their business endeavors. "If i have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Thank you to all the giants in this group for sharing so freely!

Nick West

I got so much out of the open conversation stations! Thank you for setting this up!

Lorina Harris

I was fortunate enough to attend the conference last week and I was blown away, as I know everyone else was. It was an incredible experience and I have not stopped thinking about my time in Dallas nor all of the wonderful individuals that I met there. My older brother, Shawn Searcy attended CES I in Orlando and has been a part of your community for the past year. He was so impressed and inspired from participating in CES I that he invited me to join him at this year's conference. I respectfully declined his offer at first because I could not afford the trip, but he would not "no" for an answer. The next time I talked to him he informed me that he had not only purchased my ticket for the CES II event, but also booked my flight arrangements so that I could travel from North Carolina and witness what he had the pleasure of witnessing just a year prior in Orlando. I am forever grateful for his actions and for the energy and hospitality of the entire CES II family. I just consider myself to be one the luckiest people on the planet right now and I am excited to get my new business off and running.

Theo Searcy

I want to thank Jim Cockrum & Andrea Lowe Cockrum from the bottom of my heart! I'm still feeling blown away & incredibly excited from the experience of the conference. You know we've heard many stories about Jim being rated the #1 trusted marketer online by IM Report Card. Many rave about Jim & his reputation. He tells us that he likes to run his business in an ethical fashion, and that he lives to serve Christ in his business & life in general. I'll tell you, these are just words, until you are ever fortunate enough to meet THE MAN. If you ever get a chance to meet him, like I had the extreme fortune of, you will walk away feeling that all this talk about Jim doesn't do him justice. #1 trusted marketer online...try amplifying that by a million times! If you ever meet him, you'll see that he doesn't receive the credit & praise he so truly deserves. There's not another marketer online who has the overwhelming amount of success stories that this man has. When you meet him, you will be in awe & realize that he is an all-around GOOD MAN! I am honored to be aligned with him!

George Nieves

The value to me was in the conversations, new friendships, potential partnerships, the laughter, and in some cases the tears. When you have the opportunity to share and compare journeys with other likeminded folks, and there is high transparency, the "real" stuff comes out. It is in those rare moments in life when you get to what I call "no pretending no need to" status with a small group that real change happens. I am honored to have met all of you, and please know that you have a cheerleader in ol' JB.
Until next time.

JB Brown

Thanks Jim and team for another great conference! It was great to see friends we made last year and meet new friends! Relationships are important and we've made some key relationships at CES!

Jennifer Jones

Thank you so much, Jim! And also to the family and team who put this event together. It's the best event I've ever been to. I'm taking home so much usable, actionable information without the brain overload. Awesome event!

Christie Hertzler

Thanks conference team for an awesome conference! So excited to put this info into action!!

Renee Bethel

So many precious moments shared. This was our first CES and we feel so blessed to be a part of this movement. I've been in business for over 30 years and have NEVER experienced anything like it.

Stephanie Cochran

It was my first CES and it was amazing! Being able to meet the people in the community aka my mentors, that have helped me in my business was awesome! The networking was the best part!

Sheila Bloom

Thanks for the most amazing 3 days ever! I cannot believe how much I learned and the amazing friends I made. I am so excited that I feel like a kid at Christmas! It was hard to say goodbye to everyone but I'm totally revved up to go home and make some great stuff happen!

Sherry Hall

Thanks Jim and MST team for another amazing conference. This was true servant leadership in action.

Doug Shumate

I've never had the privilege of gaining so many fabulous Facebook friends in such a short period of time. Now my news feed is filled mostly with updates from all of you, which seems to have pushed a lot of junk out of the way. I love it!!!

Tom J Curtis

The connections alone made CES2 worth attending. This is an amazing community! I received so much from so many. I have enough ideas and direction to keep me busy the next year. Thanks everyone!

Mary Mcneely

Jim Cockrum I just wanted to thank you and your team for putting this great conference together. I have been to so many conferences in the past. The thing is you don't feel a connection to anyone in there for the regular person there. You don't know anyone, if you are not an outgoing person you don't talk to but a few people. At this one, and I believe it is because of the group and the other groups I belong to, it did feel like a meeting of friends. There were so many people to say Hi to and so many people you wanted to say hi to, but didn't get to connect with. It was like everyone there was there to help others. I felt like I could do just about everything everyone was talking about. Its not that I didn't have the knowledge already. I have been a student of Internet Marketing since the 90's. I just didn't have what it took to use it. Now I do. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Edie Gunter

Jim Cockrum... blown away (although not surprised) by the amazing response you have had. What a joy to see!! Would you consider having a conference like this further west? Not sure how many of your peeps live out this way - but, I would love to be a part of something on the west coast if that ever happens.

Jenni Rosing Hunt

Giving Jim a much deserved "thank you" accompanied by a handshake face to face did it for me. That and meeting Gary . Those 2 have been solely responsible for the life I've been fortunate enough to enjoy up to now. There aren't enough words to express the gratitude I feel towards both of those gentlemen.

Alberto Deulofeu

The highlight for me, was the generosity of the attendees. People shared trade secrets, ideas, friendship, food, transportation -- but most of all, they shared themselves. I know I have at least one new real FRIEND from CES. Thank you for CES, Jim...

C Angel Crush

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