The CES conference happened Sept 8-10th, 2016 in Nashville TN

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This Amazon seller & Online business training event has sold out in one day every year for four years. While others paid thousands to attend (hundreds have attended all four events!), but you get it ALL for a fraction of what they paid!

Highlight video from last year's conference

We are bringing back the same professional video crew this year as we had last year
and all attendees will receive free video of the event professionally edited.

What Is CES All About?

This home business conference is unlike anything you’ve ever been to before. Experts and successful students teach in-depth from 9 AM to about 6 PM for three days on the three online business models I teach – Consulting, Expanding your business and Selling. As usual, there will be a special emphasis placed on Amazon selling strategies – which is the most popular topic currently in our community.

Many leaders from our team and community will be available for interaction and small-group discussions.

Our Sponsors "Get" Online Business

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Bob & Tina Farewell

Kendal & Linda Davis

Jim Cockrum

SOME of our scheduled topics include

  • Growing your Amazon, eBay or online selling business while automating all aspects, including sourcing profitable products.
  • How to find numerous, highly sought after, under served niche opportunities on Amazon (never taught on stage before ANYWHERE).
  • Numerous profitable product sourcing strategies including how to source products locally, online, at trade shows, direct from manufacturers, and overseas.
  • Launching your own private label products using the simplest possible strategies.
  • Using Email marketing, Social media, video and creative content strategies to grow your business, expand your audience or get more clients.
  • Duplicating Jim's approach to online success by launching multiple income streams.
  • You won't be hearing from the same old experts trying to sell their latest book, instead you'll hear from successful students in our community and learn exactly what it is they're doing to grow a successful business.
  • Open, candid discussions about preventing the loss of your Amazon account with numerous creative solutions offered. Even those who've lost their account will benefit from our strategies for account restoration.

Featured Topic #1

Finding "Golden Gaps" with Brett Bartlett

Brett Bartlett is one of the most creative, innovative Amazon sellers on the planet. He has discovered a way to find "golden gaps" where the demand is high and competition non-existent. As a result, his business has exploded into an 8-figure... that's over $10 million... business. He is going to share his expertise AND "gap hunting" STRATEGIES with our entire audience DURING EXTENDED SESSIONS AT CES. OPTIONALLY, for those FEW who want to spend extra time with Brett and his team, and Jim's entire team BEFORE THE EVENT, plan on attending our bonus workshop THAT HAPPENS BEFORE CES EVEN STARTS. SEATING EXTREMELY LIMITED.

You can read about Jim and Brett's exclusive new partnership here.

30-day sales snapshot

30-days worth of sales from just one account

30-day snapshot of the traffic and sales Brett gets from just a few products

7 days of sales from just ONE product

Couldn't get tickets to CES IV or just unable to make it to Nashville?

You can still benefit immensely from the videos – with hours of actionable strategies, tips, and tactics from successful entrepreneurs!

Here's the Facebook group where we are discussing all things CES IV related.

Featured Topic #2

Private Label with Andy Slamans

Andy Slamans started helping his neighbor run her Amazon book business in 2011, opened his own selling account in January of 2013, and went full time in May of 2014. Over the last 18 months he has mastered importing and private labeling, which now 95% of his sales. He currently sells over $75,000.00 a month on Amazon and sold over $900,000.00 worth of Physical product in 2015 alone. He will share with us how he does it.

Andy's 2015 sales from main Amazon account

Andy's private label sales since going full time as an Amazon seller

Andy's sales from Amazon approved 2nd account he uses for teaching others

Here's what you can expect from the videos

  • We focus on multiple income streams. This isn't just about Amazon (although our Amazon selling content is second to none and will be a topic of special emphasis at this event).
  • Event tickets out in a day every year. That should tell you something.
  • We've been churning out success stories since 2002.
  • This is not a "pitch fest." It's 98% content. There will be no hard sells.
  • Our anonymous post event surveys have consistently shown that 96% or more of those attending say they intend to return.
  • We love bringing you pure content and education taught by real people who DO the businesses and love helping others learn what they know.

Tina Brass

Danni Ackerman

Chris Leake

Eric Robertson

Scheduled Speakers

Featured Extended Presentations By
Brett Bartlett & Jim Cockrum

This three day CES event is the only event where Brett will speak extensively on how he has gone from hunting inventory, to looking for "golden gaps" in Amazon's offers, which has allowed him to build a thriving eight-figure business on Amazon.

Andy Slamans – began his Amazon selling career as a retail and online arbitrage seller but over the last 18 months he has mastered importing and private labeling and now 95% of his sales are his private label products. He'll dig deep into the how to find your own products to sell successfully on Amazon.

Barrington McIntosh – One of the few presenters past attendees keep on begging for. His story is compelling, he's built an empire online starting with the course, and he loves to teach about the power of relationships in ecommerce.

Brett Bartlett – from $400 to spend to an eight figure business on Amazon and one of the all time most exciting success stories. Brett will inspire you to think big and go from looking for "inventory" to looking for "golden gaps" in Amazon's offers. He'll pick up where he left off last year AND WILL BE JOINED BY HIS ONLINE SOURCING TEAM FOR THE ENTRIE EVENT AS A FEATURED PRESENTER WITH EXTENDED SESSIONS.

Cynthia Stine – A seller and an Amazon Seller Advocate who has developed some of the most comprehensive Amazon suspension prevention and reinstatement strategies in the industry. She led CES III breakout sessions, but this year we'll have her on stage to educate us on protecting our Amazon accounts.

Dan Hollings – He was CES III favorite, so we invited him back. Instead of having his own Amazon account, Dan has numerous accounts serving numerous clients - and he gets a cut of each! No Amazon suspension worries with Dan! He'll show you how as a continuation of his presentation last year.

Diana Ratliff – A familiar face in the MST and OLB forums, she's "been there done that" when it comes to online marketing, including owning her own web design business for 7 years. She's appeared on The CBS Sunday Morning Show and wrote a "Web Wise" newspaper column for 2 years. An Amazon seller, speaker, and author – she unabashedly prefers digital marketing. Diana and partner Marcus Cudd will explain how to make money through this income stream – it's easier than you think!

Jason Miles – CEO of Liberty Jane Clothing and co-creator of the Proven Self-Publishing Course, Jason is a powerhouse when it comes to starting and growing an online business. He is a leading authority on building Shopify sites for e-commerce and the best-selling author of Instagram Power, Pinterest Power, & many others.

Jeff Cohen – more than a sponsor - he’s an Amazon training powerhouse. He'll be teaching us the “characteristics of a serious FBA achiever” because he's worked with so many of us and helped grow the business of thousands of Amazon sellers along the way.

Kat Simpson – As a thought leader on eBay, Amazon and in online marketing in general - if you don't know Kat yet, you need to. She'll be at CES. She's also the content manager for and so much more. Along with project manager Steven Deaton, Kat (and a large contingency of experts and moderators in our community) are all tasked with keeping the world's best Amazon training course in top notch condition and constantly updated with new ideas.

Linda Tyler – A powerhouse "big game hunter" for all the big hitter inventory hunters in our audience. Linda regularly coordinates six figure or bigger buys in our LIT network. She'll be accompanied by successful LIT students like Tim Wallace and others.

Marcus Cudd – Marcus began his career as a Digital Marketing consultant in 2007 after a 15-year career in banking and went full-time Offline Biz digital marketing consultant with his own agency in 2008. He branched out to supply his services to ad agencies all over the country. Now, with 7 full-time employee in his offices in Allentown, PA, as well as 20 workers around the U.S. and in the Phillippines, he has grown his agency into a seven-figure business.

Mike Brown of Death Wish Coffee – The greatest Private Label success story EVER on Amazon! Did you see the Super Bowl? Then you saw Mike's company. Thanks to a social media wave that was launched in full force at CES III last year, Mike won a free $5million Super Bowl ad! Get the story at, and then meet the man behind the story at CES IV.

Mike LeMoine – Mike started a side-business while still a firefighter and has since grown it into a thriving Internet-marketing powerhouse that mainly serves local businesses who need help navigating the Internet and social media. Mike is now a master at creative ways to find clients and businesses who are willing to pay you for what you know about selling online. He has also learned how to avoid the most common ways local marketers unknowingly sabotage their own efforts.

Nathan Bailey – The director of coaching for Jim's team. Nathan has worked with hundreds of students and been the creative force behind numerous success stories in our community. Possibly the most connected man in Amazon selling - he knows everyone and has worked with most.

Jim Cockrum – I'm your host. I'll be bringing my family to this event and we're excited to meet you. I will be talking about building a multiple income stream empire as I've taught many others to do. These will be lessons and experiences I've never shared before anywhere else.

Panel Discussions

#1 Proven Team Building Strategies to automate sourcing and selling on Amazon

with panelists

Brett Bartlett

Gary Baird

Melanie James

Judy Cockrum

#2 Book Sourcing techniques and tips to rev up your Amazon ROI

with panelists


With your purchase of the CES IV videos
you also get access to CES I, II, & III videos!

CES Louisville

CES Orlando

CES DallasCES-ii-group-500w

CES I Orlando

  • Video 1: Jim Explains CES
  • Video 2: Ebay & Amazon Sourcing
  • Video 3: John Jonas on Outsourcing
  • Video 4: Judy Cockrum (mom) Talks About Jim
  • Video 5: Success Story: Nancy Alexander
  • Video 6: Mike LeMoine on Local Biz Marketing
  • Video 7: Liquidation Deals Panel
  • Video 8 - Jason Miles on Social Media Marketing
  • Video 9: Offlinebiz Panel
  • Video 10: Mike Brown & Jason Miles
  • Video 11: Amazon & eBay Sourcing
  • Video 12: Success Story: Barrington McIntosh
  • Video 13: Partnering with Jim

CES II Dallas

  • Video 1: Rabbi Daniel Lapin
  • Video 2: Real People Showcase: Jason Tay
  • Video 3: Door Prizes
  • Video 4: Brett Bartlett: Multiple Streams
  • Video 5: Real People Showcase with Jim
  • Video 6: Skip McGrath: Winning the Buy Box
  • Video 7: Nathan Bailey: International Basics
  • Video 8: Linda Tyler: Liquidation Investment
  • Video 9: Barrington McIntosh: Relationships
  • Video 10: Door Prizes
  • Video 11: Jason Miles: Self: Publishing
  • Video 12: Patti Massullo: Goldmine In Backyard
  • Video 13: Chris Green: Giraffes and Penguins
  • Video 14: Multiple Income Streams Panel
  • Video 15: John Bullard, Sr.
  • Video 16: Debra Conrad: Eliminate Competition
  • Video 17: Door Prizes
  • Video 18: Kat Simpson & Danni Ackerman
  • Video 19: Nathan Bailey: Jim's Coaching Program
  • Video 20: Mike LeMoine: OfflineBiz Success
  • Video 21: Jessica Larrew: Multiple Streams
  • Video 22: Jim's Closing

CES III Louisville

  • Video 1: Something Special: Jim Cockrum
  • Video 2: Using Amazon's Keywords: Brett Bartlett
  • Video 3: CES 3 Videos - Mobile Download Links
  • Video 4: Online Inventory Sourcing: Gary Baird
  • Video 5: Building Multiple Income Streams: Barrington McIntosh
  • Video 6: Success Stories
  • Video 7: Sweet Spot: Dan Miller
  • Video 8: Top 10 Ways To Video Profit w/Amazon: Dan Hollings
  • Video 9: Scaling Your Biz: Robyn Johnson
  • Video 10: Panel Discussion: Private Label
  • Video 11: Ancient Business Formula: Jason Miles
  • Video 12: Best Business Advice: Andrew Cavanagh
  • Video 13: Liquidation Investment Training

The Power of CES

Jerry Marleau

Jerry Marleau

Tom Curtis

Kim Coghlan

Theresa Smyth

Moy Ford

Britni & Michael Ross

Jason Tay

Casey Hochstetler

Carrie Collyer

What Is "CES"?

What Have People Said About Past CES Events?

Lance Wolf

Judy Cockrum

Jerry Siegel

Eric Hardwick

Diana Ratliff

Cynthia Stine

Michael Robertson

Susan Whitehead

Randy Reynolds

Greg Purdy

Bruce Kernan

I was fortunate enough to attend the conference last week and I was blown away, as I know everyone else was. It was an incredible experience and I have not stopped thinking about my time in Dallas nor all of the wonderful individuals that I met there. My older brother, Shawn Searcy attended CES I in Orlando and has been a part of your community for the past year. He was so impressed and inspired from participating in CES I that he invited me to join him at this year's conference. I respectfully declined his offer at first because I could not afford the trip, but he would not "no" for an answer. The next time I talked to him he informed me that he had not only purchased my ticket for the CES II event, but also booked my flight arrangements so that I could travel from North Carolina and witness what he had the pleasure of witnessing just a year prior in Orlando. I am forever grateful for his actions and for the energy and hospitality of the entire CES II family. I just consider myself to be one the luckiest people on the planet right now and I am excited to get my new business off and running.

Theo Searcy

Giving Jim a much deserved "thank you" accompanied by a handshake face to face did it for me. That and meeting Gary . Those 2 have been solely responsible for the life I've been fortunate enough to enjoy up to now. There aren't enough words to express the gratitude I feel towards both of those gentlemen.

Alberto Deulofeu

I want to thank Jim Cockrum & Andrea Lowe Cockrum from the bottom of my heart! I'm still feeling blown away & incredibly excited from the experience of the conference. You know we've heard many stories about Jim being rated the #1 trusted marketer online by IM Report Card. Many rave about Jim & his reputation. He tells us that he likes to run his business in an ethical fashion, and that he lives to serve Christ in his business & life in general. I'll tell you, these are just words, until you are ever fortunate enough to meet THE MAN. If you ever get a chance to meet him, like I had the extreme fortune of, you will walk away feeling that all this talk about Jim doesn't do him justice. #1 trusted marketer online...try amplifying that by a million times! If you ever meet him, you'll see that he doesn't receive the credit & praise he so truly deserves. There's not another marketer online who has the overwhelming amount of success stories that this man has. When you meet him, you will be in awe & realize that he is an all-around GOOD MAN! I am honored to be aligned with him!

George Nieves

I've never had the privilege of gaining so many fabulous Facebook friends in such a short period of time. Now my news feed is filled mostly with updates from all of you, which seems to have pushed a lot of junk our of the way. I love it!!!

Tom J Curtis

The connections alone made CES2 worth attending. This is an amazing community! I received so much from so many. I have enough ideas and direction to keep me busy the next year. Thanks everyone!

Mary Mcneely

Jim Cockrum I just wanted to thank you and your team for putting this great conference together. I have been to so many conferences in the past. The thing is you don't feel a connection to anyone in there for the regular person there. You don't know anyone, if you are not an outgoing person you don't talk to but a few people. At this one, and I believe it is because of the group and the other groups I belong to, it did feel like a meeting of friends. There were so many people to say Hi to and so many people you wanted to say hi to, but didn't get to connect with. It was like everyone there was there to help others. I felt like I could do just about everything everyone was talking about. Its not that I didn't have the knowledge already. I have been a student of Internet Marketing since the 90's. I just didn't have what it took to use it. Now I do. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Edie Gunter

Jim Cockrum... blown away (although not surprised) by the amazing response you have had. What a joy to see!! Would you consider having a conference like this further west? Not sure how many of your peeps live out this way - but, I would love to be a part of something on the west coast if that ever happens.

Jenni Rosing Hunt

The highlight for me, was the generosity of the attendees. People shared trade secrets, ideas, friendship, food, transportation -- but most of all, they shared themselves. I know I have at least one new real FRIEND from CES. Thank you for CES, Jim...

C Angel Crush

A Note From Jim

This event is about my staff supporting our community. Your success is our mission. The speakers at this event are my handpicked, most trusted and most successful students, proven leaders I know and work with regularly, as well as partners of mine who have proven that they know how to propel others to true success. As with the previous three CES events, this event will be a multiple-income-stream conference unlike any other you've ever been to or heard of.  You will hear life-changing stories and strategies that you can put to action to start or grow your business.
– Jim Cockrum, Proud Founder of the CES Conference

For inquiries about our 2016 event, or for support please email us at [email protected]

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